Monday, November 10, 2008


Typical male grooming requires 1-2 haircuts a month, which can be difficult to maintain with a busy schedule and a hefty workload. Further, there are often instances when all that’s needed is a quick trim or cleanup, not a whole cut, which again, can be too much of a hassle to squeeze into a crowded week.

With men's haircuts starting around $20, the costs can quickly add up, forcing the individual to either seek amateur help or to forego a trim altogether. What if you could pay an annual fee and have access to haircuts - and just as importantly, cleanups - any time you wanted?

The Idea: haircut memberships.

The business model would be similar to other memberships (for example, the gym) where two things would happen: the balance of under-users and over-users would result in a profit for the salon; and conversely, committing to one salon for a year would result in reduced rates per cut - a profit for the client. Lastly, this model could be modified for women as well, with tailored memberships offered in order to provide the additional services females require (i.e. blow-dries, highlights, etc).

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