Friday, November 14, 2008


Ever feel like everyone else is lifting more than you at the gym?

You know the feeling - you glance around and it seems like everyone, even the old folks, are stronger than you.

The Idea: the Confidence Gym.

The Confidence Gym would be an area within a regular gym or health club, ideally situated in front of a window so passersby could watch, with the remaining walls completely mirrored for self reflection - literally. The room would be stocked with dummy-weights, all of which would appear identical to the regular ones, but would only weigh a fraction of the actual listed weight.

For users, this would increase confidence, amplify their motivation, and provide them with a greater sense of self-worth. The end goal would be to use that extra confidence towards tackling the weights in the regular gym.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


When you travel or move to a new place, deciphering public transportation can be one of the foremost frustrations you have to deal with; heck, it is often just as confusing for your neighbor who has lived in the city for years! Learning about buses, trains, subways and their various routes, not to mention their respective schedules, is like navigating blind through a forest.

Once you finally manage to map out a daily commute, it is only a matter of time before meetings, appointments and social events will pop up, throwing your carefully-planned schedule off. You’ll be forced to re-examine the entire system, scouring websites, pamphlets and graffitied glass walls, just for a vehicle to take you home. There has to be a simpler way.

The Idea: a public transportation finder/scheduler.

There would be a website and/or application where all one would have to do would be to input the following: their location, their schedule, and their desired destination(s). The easy-to-use interface would then produce the available modes of public transportation, as well as their locations, routes and times. In addition, the website and/or application could be set up to cull appointments from, and to sync with, one's Google and/or Outlook calendars, making the process even more seamless: the results would then be sent to one’s mobile device for updates and reminders.

One more benefit? The ease and convenience of this program would help advance the ‘Green’ movement, promoting the use of public transportation over personal automobiles.

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Monday, November 10, 2008


Typical male grooming requires 1-2 haircuts a month, which can be difficult to maintain with a busy schedule and a hefty workload. Further, there are often instances when all that’s needed is a quick trim or cleanup, not a whole cut, which again, can be too much of a hassle to squeeze into a crowded week.

With men's haircuts starting around $20, the costs can quickly add up, forcing the individual to either seek amateur help or to forego a trim altogether. What if you could pay an annual fee and have access to haircuts - and just as importantly, cleanups - any time you wanted?

The Idea: haircut memberships.

The business model would be similar to other memberships (for example, the gym) where two things would happen: the balance of under-users and over-users would result in a profit for the salon; and conversely, committing to one salon for a year would result in reduced rates per cut - a profit for the client. Lastly, this model could be modified for women as well, with tailored memberships offered in order to provide the additional services females require (i.e. blow-dries, highlights, etc).

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