Monday, January 12, 2009


The internet has revolutionized the world of dating - between online services and social networking sites, the whole landscape has changed. However, the one component that has remained constant is the planning and execution of the actual date. Whether it is your first date or your 100th, there is still the question of what to do. From the classic dinner and a movie to skydiving and burritos (in that order of course), the possibilities are seemingly endless. But how do you know what to pick, what is available and whether your significant other will even enjoy it?

The Idea: a create-a-date website

A create-a-date website would be an online resource for date-related activities. Users would be able to "create" dates by inputting certain criteria such as price, time and location, as well as general interests. The site would then produce a series of complete dates for the user to choose from. These dates could range from the traditional activities to the unique, and the individual components of each date could be rated and commented upon.

The site could easily be added to an existing site such as Yelp, a social networking, user reviewed and local search web site. In this situation, the create-a-date part of the site would operate as described above, but would cull the date components from the existing database of places and activities. In this scenario, the user-generated content would be readily available for people to review, as well as add their own opinions after the fact for future users.

A create-a-date website could also promote partnership opportunities with existing online dating services such as eHarmony or, giving people a “one stop shopping experience” for finding a companion... and a place to take them. Finally, it would be simple to match a potential companion's interests with the dates provided by the create-a-date program.

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