Wednesday, January 21, 2009


As of today, we can purchase robots to scrub our homes, vacuum our offices, and even maintain our pools - but what about construction sites? Construction sites depend on constant clean-ups, usually requiring a significant amount of labor. This work, as all work done by humans, is accompanied by the pitfalls of personal injuries, inconsistent production, and other forms of human error.

The Idea: construction-grade robo-vacs.

Construction-grade robo-vacs would be robots built to clean construction sites more efficiently. These robotic vacuums would be similar to the existent cleaning robots such as the Roomba and the Scooba, but of a much higher capacity - they would be able to handle the dirt and debris produced at construction sites. Such a robo-vac might include apparatus designed to pick up heavy items such as steel and concrete, large-quantity items such as sawdust and old nails, and temperate items such as hot metals.

These robo-vacs could also be created to handle specific types of construction, ranging from small/moderate residential work to large-scale, urban, heavy-duty projects. The construction-grade robo-vacs could also be synced with additional models to create a veritable "army" of construction site cleaners.

While some might object to the loss of human labor positions, they must concede that construction-grade robo-vacs would also bring immediate opportunity for robo-vac technicians, manufacturers and sales associates. In addition, employing these machines would eliminate the plethora of health risks and safety hazards the former laborers were exposed to.

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