Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Detergent can be a real hassle for the average homeowner, whether you oversud, run out of Tide mid-wash, or just simply don’t remember to fill the dishwasher dispenser at all. Regardless of your soap mishap, there must be an easier way to automate soap distribution and eliminate human error.

The Idea: detergent-dispensing washers.

Similar to filling a gas tank, one would be able to fill up a detergent reservoir for their dishwasher or washing machine. For every cycle, an appropriate amount of detergent would be released. This automatic distribution would save the consumer both time and money, as well as prevent them from the aforementioned slew of detergent-related frustrations. Further, it would benefit the consumer to purchase detergent in bulk, which would also prove to be quite cost-effective.

New washing machines would come with this feature: those with older models could choose to purchase an easy-install adapter.

Imagine waking up Monday morning, driving to the nearest gas station, and filling your tank with just enough gas to get to and from work. Now imagine having to repeat that process Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday... Every commute requires a trip to the pump.

However ridiculous sounding, that essentially describes our current - albeit antiquated - method of ‘fueling’ our washers. Drivers don’t fill their gas tanks with a one-tank/one-trip mentality; unfortunately, this is exactly the wasteful method we subscribe to when we fill our machines with a subjective amount of detergent, good for one load. People are continually plagued with dirty dishes and dirty laundry; why not make domestic life that much easier?

To see side-by-side comparisons of recent dishwashers, check out


Emily@SimplyGourmetinSouthie said...

The other day I saw a commerical for a washer that holds up to 6 months of laundry detergent! I was determined to find it online and after becoming distracted from work for a good half hour here it is:

Ideas Not Action said...

Emily, thanks for the link, and the determination, we really appreciate it.

Apparently, the washer uses GE's smartdispense technology. GE also makes dishwashers with smartdispense - check them out at