Friday, October 24, 2008


Picture this. You and your significant other are embarking on a weekend trip to New York, and your Greyhound is leaving at 7AM. After assuring her you have indeed printed not one - but two copies of the tickets, you arrive at South Station with bags, snacks… and no tickets. Those are at home on the printer.

Everyone has a story similar to above - e-tickets which have been forgotten or lost along the way. And short of installing public computers (with printers) on every street corner, there’s no easy fix.

The Idea: c-tickets.

In layman’s terms, tickets purchased and/or printed in a cab.

Utilizing the touch screen/credit card payment technologly that already exists in many cabs, and in conjunction with novel inkless-printing innovation (such as Massachusetts-based Zink Corporation), passengers could browse travel or entertainment options and print their tickets immediately after purchasing. Similarly, they could access their email and print out tickets purchased beforehand. Since this Idea only calls for the addition of a printer to an already existing infrastructure, it would be relatively simple to put into Action.

To learn more about inkless printing, visit In a ZINK World.

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