Monday, November 3, 2008


Sunscreen application is one of the less enjoyable aspects of a trip to the beach - unless applied by a scantily-clad, firm-bodied friend of course. That being said, numerous attempts have been aimed at easing the process (i.e. non-greasy lotions, spray bottles, aerosols), yet all have fallen short of success, leaving sunscreen as the proverbial 'sand-in-the-shorts' of today's beachgoer.

The Idea: spray 'screening.

Using the same technology as spray tanning (see also: airbrush tanning), there would be booths set up at the beach where one would deposit money (cash or credit), select an SPF (tanning oil included), and receive a quick and thorough, mist-applied layer of sunscreen. The spray 'screening would promote skin safety, as well as a nice, even tan - a win-win situation!

This Idea would be most effective at high traffic beaches, with portable booths situated atop the seawall or on the boardwalk; booths could also be placed more permanently in beachfront shops, where spray 'screening would be offered alongside towels, sand toys, and other ocean fare.

Spray 'screening is also an ideal candidate for an exercise in competitive branding; just as Coca-Cola and Pepsi products vie, so could Coppertone and Banana Boat.

To learn more about lotion-spraying mist-applicators, check out these various applicators for spray tanning.

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Anonymous said...

That is a great idea that has been already considered by spray tanning industry, however, at this moment as far as I know there is not a good sunscreen solution that is suitable to use with the equipment.
The only similar idea that I saw was a guy years ago that used to spray tanning accelerating oil on people on Bondi Beach. I think that idea died when people got educated about tanning danger.