Wednesday, November 5, 2008


A remote starter is a veritable miracle on a bitter-cold, winter morning, defrosting your windshield and warming the car while you remain inside brushing your teeth: unless, of course, your car is parked across the street, or any other reasonable distance which exceeds your immediate driveway. While working wonders from home (if you have a driveway, that is), remote starters are utterly useless from an office building a few blocks away, a restaurant a couple streets over, or any other place you might find yourself far-from-car during the cold, dark months.

The Idea: a TRUE remote starter.

Using technology which would be accessible via internet and cell phone, one would be able to start their car from practically anywhere, as well as have the ability to unlock the doors, control the temperature, and cue up some music. Just like traditional auto-starters, the car would still require the insertion of a key, or security code, before it could actually be driven.

The TRUE remote starter could also double as a security device, providing phone and email alerts should the car suffer any damage from an attempted theft, a break-in, or an inter-parking-lot hit and run.

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GM must read this blog!