Monday, December 15, 2008


Imagine returning home from vacation, with tan skin and a camera chock full of great pictures; you decide to hold off on uploading them straight to your computer, figuring hey, they're not going anywhere. But then the unthinkable happens, and your camera ends up stolen, misplaced, or damaged. All too often, pictures are lost somewhere in between the taking and the uploading - there must be a more foolproof way of saving each photograph before anything can happen.

The Idea: camera service subscriptions.

Camera service subscriptions would be subscription plans coupled with compatible cameras which would use wireless networks to upload pictures from your camera to a website immediately after being taken. That website could be accessed at any time for editing, archiving, printing, etc. The system could be set up similarly to that of Amazon's Kindle, which allows the user to download books to their Kindle from absolutely anywhere - in this case, the user would be able to upload pictures to their computer from absolutely anywhere. With the subscription, users would be able to take photos with the comfort of knowing that no matter what happens to their camera after that moment - their pictures are already saved and sound.

In addition to the immediate-upload, users would have access to their accounts, with the ability to share photos as they are uploaded. This would benefit individuals, but moreso, it would be ideal for groups and organizations. Construction companies would be able to send pictures from remote job sites back to the office; youth groups would be able to provide parents with instant photos of what their kids are up to; the list goes on...

Finally, the partnership opportunities are plentiful for this venture, as the components for such a service are already widely available (i.e. wireless networks, digital cameras, and online photo sites). Since the companies which produce these components are already established, the race to create the best package would be instant and competitive. This translates into an array of options for the consumer, as these newly-formed partnerships try to outdo one another.

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