Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Winter is here, which means it is time for coats, gloves, and hats. While hats provide warmth, they also make the common practice of listening to one's ipod that much more difficult. People are constantly fidgeting with their headwear and their earphones, trying to obtain a comfortable setup, but most times, people just grow frustrated and remove one or the other.

The Idea: In-hat headphones.

In-hat headphones would basically be various types of headgear with speakers mounted inside them. Winter hats would have speakers adjustable inside the hat, whereas hunting-style hats and earmuffs would have speakers adjustable within the actual ear piece. In addition, various head pieces could be made with custom pockets to house an ipod, helping to guard it against cord-related mishaps.

In-hat headphones would be useful for commuting, exercising, or any other situation where you find yourself trying to manage the two items separately. Further, by consolidating the two items into one, you would be able to hide the telltale cord and protect yourself from a potential ipod theft.

Other ideas might include collar mounted speakers in winter jackets and backhand mounted speakers on gloves, for people who are averse to headphones in general, but still enjoy music on the go.

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