Friday, January 23, 2009


What is the most effective way to wake up every morning? A wake-up call, of course. No alarm in the world compares to that of receiving an actual phone call telling you that it is now time for you to get up and out. Unfortunately, wake-up calls are usually reserved for hotel guests and punctual executives - what about the everyday man?

The Idea: ad-fueled wake-up calls.

The system is fairly simple, especially since the majority of today's wake-up calls are already automated. With that being said, all that is needed is the infrastructure required to request and deliver the calls. To offset the cost of building such a system, and to eventually turn a profit with this enterprise, one could sell ad space on the calls and offer the service to users free of charge.

Users would be able to sign up online for the free, ad-fueled, wake-up call service by filling out a brief and simple form with their basic demographic information. The ads a certain indivual would then receive during his or her wake-up call would be chosen based on this demographic information.

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Randy said...

Damn, that is actually a great idea!

Anonymous said...

your website sucks and so do you. cocksucker!

Randy said...

Man, sometimes I wish the internet had an age limit.. imagine what it would be like if it had no one under 16.

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