Friday, November 28, 2008


When traveling, friends, families, and sometimes even strangers run into the age old problem of trying to share one media device between two people; whether it is an ipod, a laptop, a portable dvd player, or even an old school walkman, the problem is always the same - a single headphone jack and four eager ears. Sure, you can try to split a pair of headphones with someone else, but all you end up with is mediocre sound and an awkward physical closeness. Oh, and the one indiviudal who always forgets what is going on and inadvertently jerks the other bud out of their companion's ear.

The Idea: a quad-budded set of headphones.

Although fairly straightforward, a quad-budded set of headphones would be a simple, yet much-needed, innovation. The headphones would come with plenty of slack to avoid the aforementioned awkward closeness, as well as a device for disabling and storing one half of the set for solo use. Although the headphones seem as though they would work best in the bud format (think ipod headphones), there could always be a more traditional, dual headphone as well, with a split wire.

Quad-budded headphones would also be welcomed by parents during these economic times, as it would allow them to purchase half as many media devices, with all their children still being pleased. Opponenets might argue that this is a recipe for disaster, as the situation would foster conflict between siblings; instead, view the situation as an opportunity to promote sharing, negotiation and bonding. What traveling is all about.

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