Monday, December 1, 2008


How many times have you tried to make your way through a crowded bar, only to have your drink bumped a a dozen times, leaving you with half the liquid you started out with? How about a packed restaurant, sloshing red wine all over your white shirt - or even worse, your date's white shirt? Or how often have you held multiple beverages at a concert, making your way back to your seat with fervent apologies for spilling on every person you squeeze pass in the row? Lastly, and on a bit more of a serious note, how many times have you felt uncomfortable leaving an open drink unattended or carrying an open drink through a crowded establishment?

The Idea: increased lid use.

Dumping half your drink on the floor or having a beer dumped down your blouse is bound to put a damper on the evening, no pun intended. Increased lid use would just transfer the methods used for soft drinks and juices and apply them to drinks that are often served in an open receptacle. The lids could be made in various sizes from recycled paper or plastic, and they could be available with or without straw holes, depending on the venue.

To offset the additional cost, lids could be made into valuable advertising space, informing the patron of everything from recycling tips to bar specials to a new television show aimed at the establishment's core demographics. (Picture the cardboard coasters you find at many bars/restaurants already).

Increased lid use would be beneficial for everyone involved: patrons would be able to save themselves the aforementioned stresses that come with transporting open drinks; establishments would be able to claim a safer environment, as well as be able to promote upcoming events and specials; advertisers would gain yet another medium for which to target very specific demographics.

The next time you're at a sporting event, maneuvering two beers and a couple of hot dogs back to your seat, pausing awkwardly to sip from both brim-filled cups, (think dripping ice-cream cone on sweltering summer day), imagine how much easier life would be with a lid.

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