Friday, December 5, 2008


'Tis the season for a friend, relative or significant other to ask what you'd like for the holidays. Most people tend to pause and reply with an ambiguous, "Hmm, I'm not sure," regardless of whether they have something in mind or not. This doesn't just happen during the holiday season; birthdays, graduations, anniversaries – any present-worthy occasion is awkward whether you are giving or receiving, not to mention the time and energy spent trying to find the perfect gift. The only events that do not pose this problem are those for which registries exist - so why not just register for everyday life?

The Idea: an everyday registry.

The same way wedding and baby registries work, an everyday registry would be a website and/or application which would allow the user to create a personal wish list, with links to the stores selling each item. Along with the price, the user would be able to rate each item on level of want, event appropriateness, etc. The site/application would aid gift-giving for everything from a small thank-you to a big 50th birthday.

The Idea would be perfect for a facebook application, as it would allow the user to easily share and access both their registry and the registries of their friends. In addition, the marketing opportunites are abundant. The information provided by someone when selecting items for their registry could be used by ad agencies to target those same people for similiar products; in addition, that information could provide information to companies regarding the popularity and interest in a given product.

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