Wednesday, December 3, 2008


When you receive an iTunes gift card, do you sit down at your computer and blindly flip through song after song wondering what to pick? What happened to the old days, when people went to the store, turned over a cd, recognized a song or two, and looked forward to hearing the rest? Or what about those who wonder what new, underground music their favorite artist purchases when they use an iTunes gift card?

The Idea: iTunes suggestion cards.

iTunes suggestion cards would be normal iTunes giftcards with suggested songs printed on them. For example, a $10 iTunes card would have 12-15 songs listed on them, and the recipient would be able to use those cards to help choose their music, or be free to ignore them as well. The cards could be holiday specific (i.e. a Christmas Carol iTunes card) or decade specific (think hits from the 80's). They could list a specific artist's favorite songs, or they could just be a collection of the latest pop songs (a la the Now Thats What I Call Music Series, Volumes 1 through 2,400). The possibilities are endless.

There is enormous potential for cross-promotion with this Idea. Radio stations could release compilations, organizations could put together benefit cards (with a portion of the proceeds going towards charity), and local musicians in certain areas could band together to promote their 'scene'... the list goes on.

Another option for this Idea would be the ability to create custom iTunes cards. This would allow users to purchase giftcards and create their own suggested playlist to be listed on the front. Replacing the masking-tape labeled cassette, and the somehow seemingly less-authentic burned cd, customized iTunes gift cards could be the new mix tape.

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